Tools to get the job done

KML/KMZ, Shapefiles or CSV

GlobalTrack puts the tools to build runs and projects right in your hands.

Whether you want to build a run from scratch or import an existing KML or Shapefile, GlobalTrack gets it done. Fast.

Even if all that you have is an Excel tracking sheet from a previous run, GlobalTrack can work with that too. Importing your CSV spreadsheet data builds a KML and run instantly.

And of course, once your run is built the data is yours to keep.

GlobalTrack gives you the ability to export your runs and projects as well. You can save your data to KML and/or CSV files for offline backup and storage, or you can use our CSVs with your spreadsheet-based tracking sheets in the field if that’s what you want to do.

GlobalTrack lets you work the way that you want to work, quickly and easily.

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