Time-Based Events

In pig tracking, knowing where the tool was when something happened can be a critical piece of information. To provide users with the swiftest path to that info, GlobalTrack provides the Time-Based Event feature (see also, Trigger Events).

For example, if we had the unfortunate circumstance of having a stalled or stuck pig, GlobalTrack can show you the precise location of where the stick happened if you know the time of a pressure spike.

Instead of having to calculate barrel displacements versus the size of the pipeline and estimating the tool’s location as “21,749 feet downstream of the launcher” and then trying to figure out exactly where that is on a map or alignment sheet, simply enter the time of the event and GlobalTrack instantly drops a pin on the map of where the tool was at that time.

Run Events can be entered both during a run and after and become a permanent feature of the run, stored with the run, and appearing on reports.

Any time may be entered between the launch time and the receive time, and pins are dropped accordingly. You can even enter a future time into an ongoing run, and GlobalTrack will estimate where the tool will be at that time!

A run can have any number of Time-Based Events and Trigger Events.

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