Revolutionizing Pipeline Pig Tracking: Introducing the Qube at PPIM

Pipeline pig tracking is a crucial task that ensures the integrity and safety of oil and gas pipelines. However, traditional methods of tracking pigs can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, leading to increased costs and potential errors. That’s why CDI is excited to introduce the Qube, a game-changing device that is revolutionizing the way pipeline pig tracking is done.

The Qube is a compact, industrial-grade AGM that is designed to be placed above oil and gas pipelines to monitor for the passage of pipeline pigs inside the pipeline. The device is equipped with GPS and magnetic data sensors that can detect up to eight frequencies of magnetic transmitters attached to the pipeline pigs as well as MFL magnetizers.

The Qube has both cellular and satellite transmission capabilities that allow it to send data to our GlobalTrack cloud service in real-time.

The Qube is not only easy to use, but it also reduces the manpower required for pig tracking, which results in cost savings for pipeline operators and pig tracking companies.

In addition, the Qube has expansion slots which allows for expandability and future-proofing of the device. The device is also equipped with over-the-air updates for its firmware, meaning that it will receive firmware updates, new features, and bug fixes for the life of the product.

GlobalTrack is CDI’s live-tracking cloud-based service that is used to monitor, setup, configure, and control the Qube. The service allows for remote monitoring of pipeline pigs and the Qube’s GPS location, as well as the creation of detailed reports on pig passages. The service is easy to use and has a streamlined user interface on mobile devices such as user’s cell phones that is tailored to those devices.

The Qube and GlobalTrack are being announced on February 8th, 2023 at the Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Monitoring trade show (PPIM) in Houston, Texas.

Attendees can visit CDI’s booth #708 at PPIM to see the Qube and GlobalTrack in action, learn more about their features and benefits, and speak with our team of experts. You can also learn more about the Qube and GlobalTrack on our websites and

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the future of pipeline pig tracking and how it can benefit your operations.”

Jason Farqué is President and co-owner of CDI

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