GlobalTrack Pricing

GlobalTrack’s power is surprisingly affordable.

Your projects and stakeholders would benefit from from GlobalTrack’s power and visibility tools.
CDI has several affordable ways to get that power into your hands.


Looking to get started with GlobalTrack and don’t want a long-term commitment? Pay-as-you-go lets you purchase as many or as few runs as you need. No strings attached.

Pay-as-you-go has no restrictions or “gotchas”. You’ll have the full power of GlobalTrack for you and your clients and our thanks for being a customer.

Annual Subscriptions

The power of GlobalTrack is unmistakable, and we’re confident that you won’t want to go back to your spreadsheets once you and your clients have seen it in action.

Our annual subscription price is unbeatable and provides a number of terrific benefits including in-person training, white labeled reports, and more…

Run Credit Bundles

For those with an annual subscription, credits for individual runs can be purchased at price points of 25, 50, 100 and 125+ at discounts over pay-as-you-go of up to 42%!

And don’t worry about losing your run credits at the end of the year. Subscription holders can roll them over and use them next season!

Absolutely FREE

For those renting CDI pig tracking equipment, transmitters or AGMs, the full power of GlobalTrack is absolutely free for you and your clients to use during your project. Seriously.

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