New Feature: Calendar View & Run Scheduling!

Coordinating Run scheduling inside of GlobalTrack has gotten easier and more intuitive with the addition of our new live calendaring system!

Any Runs that you have permission to view appear on the calendar and you can open them by simply clicking on them right in the calendar view.

GlobalTrack Scheduling Calendar

The calendar view not only helps to keep all of the Runs that you have scheduled cleanly separated, but it can also warn you if tracking personnel are scheduled on overlapping runs in different physical locations.

All previous Runs to which you have access remain on the calendar, so if you’re looking for a particular Run that you ran last month, it’s a simple matter to jump into the calendar to find it rather than sorting through a lengthy Project or Client list.

Calendars inside of GlobalTrack are just one more of the conveniences that we have developed to make your job easier, faster and as intuitive as possible.

Stay tuned, because much more is coming!

Jason Farqué is President and co-owner of CDI

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