GlobalTrack v10 online now!

GlobalTrack v10 online now!

CDI is excited to announce that GlobalTrack version 10 has been released and it has a number of terrific new improvements!

GlobalTrack Observer View

Observer View, the most prominent new feature for v10, is a new lightweight and simplified view giving all users the most relevant data about their run at a glance on both mobile and desktop.

Observer View loads faster and performs quicker, but naturally, our full tracking sheet Editing Mode is always available with a single tap in whichever environment you choose.

Our new Project Calendar (read more…) lets you see your runs month over month and drill to them with a single tap. The calendar helps you have a better understanding of multiple runs and projects at a high level.

GlobalTrack’s Project Calendar

And as always our terrific development team has included a few hidden gems and even a few bug fixes!

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The GlobalTrack Team

Jason Farqué is President and co-owner of CDI

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