GlobalTrack Time and Trigger Events


GlobalTrack Time and Trigger Events

GlobalTrack versions 8 and 8.1 have added a lot of new features. A couple of the most exciting new features are Time-Based Events and Trigger Events. They’re similar but different. Let’s have a look.

Time-Based Events

Time-Based Events use a time you input to allow you to ask GlobalTrack where the tool was or where the tool will be at a given time.

Questions such as “Where was the tool when a pressure spike occurred?” or “Where will the tool be at 7 pm this evening.” can be answered easily by merely typing in the time of interest. GlobalTrack will drop a permanent pin on the map indicating the tool’s location at that time. The Event becomes part of the Run and appears on Reports.

Use Case: A tool becomes stuck in the line. You could call the control center and get the time of the pressure spike when the tool became stuck. Entering this time into a Time-Based Event, GlobalTrack drops a pin where the tool stuck.

Opening the Run up on a mobile device, your location is shown on the map. It then becomes a trivial task to walk your phone’s map icon to the Event’s position pin. GlobalTrack can find the location of a stuck pig even without a tracking system.

Trigger Events

Trigger Events are similar to Time-Based Events, but instead of being placed by the time of an Event, they’re placed by the position of an Event.

The most common use for Trigger Events is to create impromptu AGM points along the line during a run. Therefore, Trigger Events may also (optionally) be inserted as rows in the tracking sheet during a live run.

Use Case: You arrive at an AGM location and discover that it has become inaccessible due to flooding or a locked gate. Trigger Events allow you to place an AGM on the pipeline at the fenceline and record an AGM passage at this new location, inserting it into the tracking sheet as a new, impromptu passage.

Time-Based Event Creation Dialog
Time-Based and Trigger Events indicated by blue pins

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