Weathering the storms


Weathering the storms

Tight schedules and tool availability mean that inspection runs usually have to move forward regardless of the weather. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that you can do about it.

CDI GlobalTrack can help cope with inclement weather by giving you the tools to monitor it during a run and the ability to receive text and email notifications when it directly affects your pipeline routes.

The screenshot above shows what Whiteley Oliver was dealing with on their client’s pipeline this week. Fierce thunderstorms blew through, producing lightning strikes within 4,000 feet of the line. GlobalTrack’s weather integration allowed them to see what the weather was doing and plan accordingly.

For sure, the work must go on, but GlobalTrack can help you weather the storm by keeping your personnel informed and safe when mother nature tries to interfere.

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The GlobalTrack Team

Jason Farqué is President and co-owner of CDI

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