Measure Twice, Track Once.


Measure Twice, Track Once.

As you might expect, measuring distances and times accurately is a critical function of GlobalTrack. Doing so in the real world means taking into account every bend, every river crossing and every slope.

Connecting AGM points on your pipeline with straight lines between them means that the system can’t have a true understanding of what your tool is experiencing – in every axis – and how it may affect the outcome of your runs.

GlobalTrack’s advanced KML and Shapefile processing gives it the ability to see every nuance of your pipeline and measure the distances between points with incredible accuracy. This accuracy gives GlobalTrack extremely precise distances, speeds, and times en route from point to point.

River crossing, bends and a driveline

Accuracy is critical to the advancement of automated pig tracking and the development team here at CDI obsesses over it every day.

Written by:

The GlobalTrack Team

Jason Farqué is President and co-owner of CDI

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