Happy New Year from GlobalTrack!


Happy New Year from GlobalTrack!

Just wow! The year 2021 seemed to really go fast to us here at CDI GlobalTrack.

GlobalTrack has had a number of great features added in the last few weeks of the year.

Perhaps one of the more interesting and useful ones is the ability to track the GPS locations of stakeholders who are logged in to a given project. If your permission allow for it, you can see where others are on the map in real time. This is a terrifically useful feature for tracking techs who are on the pipeline as it gives them the ability to see where their coworkers are and if they’ve made it to their tracking point successfully.

It’s really cool to see people’s avatars moving around on the map in real time!

Speed, elevation and inclination plots now appear on printed reports and of course weather map overlays with lightning, heat and cold alerts continue to be one of the features that interest most folks!

Thanks for an exciting year of 2021 and here’s to a fantastic 2022 for all of us in the oil and gas industry!

– The CDI GlobalTrack Team

Stakeholder locations with their photos now appear on maps. Here’s my location at CDI’s offices displayed on the map.
Speed, Inclination and Elevation plots appear on printed reports.
Project overviews show clustering of runs, active runs, weather info and more.
Weather maps with lightning strikes shown. Lightning data has 5 minute time resolution.
Written by:

The GlobalTrack Team

Jason Farqué is President and co-owner of CDI

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