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Plan your projects, monitor your runs as they happen and report their results from anywhere in the world.
On desktop and mobile. Today.

Manual Tracking

GlobalTrack can be used to create a live tracking environment for all of your stakeholders by simply using it as you would a tracking sheet in Excel.

Automated Tracking

GlobalTrack can receive passage triggers automatically from a wide variety of automated satellite and cellular devices. AGMs, signalers, even pressure sensors!

Full Reporting

Once the run is complete, GlobalTrack can immediately output a rich report in PDF and CSV formats complete with your logo!

Street View Tracking

Track pigs as though you are standing on the ROW with our built-in Google Street View mode! Watch your tool move along the ground in real-time. Seriously.

Import & Export

KML/KMZ and Shapefile imports allow you to create and populate your own runs.
Of course if you prefer that we create ready-to-launch runs for you, we can do that too!

Easy Pricing

GlobalTrack has extremely competitive
pay-as-you-go and subscription price models. Call CDI today to discuss how GlobalTrack can meet your tracking needs… and your budget.


CDI GlobalTrack can help cope with inclement weather by giving you the tools to monitor it during a run and the ability to receive text and email notifications when it directly affects your pipeline routes.

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